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About Angal Hospital

St. Luke’s Hospital Angal is a Private Not for Profit health institution belonging to the network of Catholic Health instistutions of Uganda under the umbrella of Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB). The legal and registered ownership is the Board of Trustees of Nebbi Catholic Diocese.

Angal hospital was founded by the the Comboni Missionaries in the early 1940’s as a small Maternity Centre. This was prompted by the high Obstetric problems. However the need for other health services grew. It called for upgrading of the centre to the status of a dispensary in the early 1950’s.

In 1959, a request by the founder bodies and the local population to grant the ever-growing dispensary a hospital status was forwarded to the then District Commissioner of West Nile District. The request was granted on May 13th 1959 thus becoming a rural hospital.

Angal hospital is located in the West Nile region of Uganda, in Nebbi district, Padyere county, Nyaravur sub-county, Pamora parish in Aluka village.It is 418 kilometres North western of Kampala, along the Kampala-Arua-Juba highway, with a sign post situated at Nyaravur,a small trading centre, 46 Kilometres after Pakwach bridge. It is about 3 kilometres off Pakwach-Arua highway on the road to Parombo.

Many volunteer CUAMM medical doctors worked in this hospital from then up to date. The first Ugandan doctor joined in 1987 and since then a number of them have passed through this hospital.


Ward round in the peadiatric ward

Ward round in the peadiatric ward

The medical administrative responsibility was handed over from the CUAMM medical doctors to a Ugandan doctor in 1989 as Medical Superintendent.

The Verona Sisters handed over the hospital to the Board of Trustees Nebbi Catholic Diocese in 1998. This saw the installation of the first Ugandan Hospital Administrator and Senior Nursing Officer.

The hospital relied and still relies on donations from some individual donors and groups from Italy. However when the donations dwindled by 1997, government of the Republic of Uganda started remitting subsidies through primary health care conditional grants in 1998. Other sources of income are User fees and Grants.

In 2007/08 the hospital spent 52% of its total expenditure on employment costs, 31.5% on medical Goods and supplies, 8%, Transport and Plant Costs, 5% on Administration and others 0.5%. Capital Development stands at 3%.

To date Angal Hospital considerably dependants on donations and government primary health care conditional grant for its financial sustainability. In 2007/8 financial year, the hospital only recovered approximately 8.1% of its total cost (Ugx 1,305, 503, 208) of providing health care services from user fees.

Currently, the hospital is a 260 bed capacity with an establishment of only 153 medical and non medical staff. It offers curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative health care services to a catchment population of approximately 180,000 people (2002 Uganda census).

Majorly, the hospital is divided into inpatient and outpatient departments. The inpatient department has Male, Female, Maternity, and Paediatric wards. Other departments are Radiology / Ultra sound, laboratory, Pharmacy, offering medical supportive services and a technical department.


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