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Hospital management

St. Luke’s Hospital Angal has a valid charter stipulating all the articles as required by the Episcopal Conference and the Health Commission of a Catholic Hospitals. The National, Catholic, and Diocesan Health policies have been adapted to aid management. This is further illustrated in the Hospital’s Organization Chart.
The Diocese has a Health Board in which the hospital is represented.

The Board of Governors (BOG)
The BOG is the supreme policy making, governing and controlling organ for the internal and external actions of the Hospital. The composition, roles and method of work of the hospital Board of Governors and its committees is well spelt in the Hospital Charter.

The Board membership consists of a representative of the local community, local and district administrative authorities, hospital employees, NGOs collaborating with the hospital, members of the founding community and sister PNFP hospitals in the region; that is Nyapea and Maracha Hospitals.

The main role of the Board of Governors is advisory whille the operational roles are played by the core and Hospital Management Teams on behalf of the BOG. The BOG meets once in year. However priority problems are dealt with through ad-hoc meetings with the Chairperson and the core management team members.

Board of Governors committees

The BOG has instituted committees composed of its members, community representatives and the staff of the hospital with specific tasks and responsibilities vested in on its behalf. These committees include the Financial, Disciplinary and grievances, Quality assurance and the Recruitment and Training.

Financial committee

This committee meets to receive financial proposals and reports from HMT (After the preparation of the annual work plans) forum for adjustment and subsequent presentation to the BOG for discussions and approval.

The committee is responsible for management of all finances right from planning, use and monitoring according to approved budgets as stipulated in the approved material and financial management manual.

Quality assurance committee

This committee is charged with enabling the hospital bodies and staff to continuously improve the quality of health services. This is through regular integrated support supervision of all activities and management functions with emphasis on adherence to accepted health and management standards.

Discipline and grievance committee

This is the arbitration committee instituted by the BOG to ensure impartial administration of discipline and grievances among the staff. Its membership is composed of the the religious representatives, Community representatives, staff representatives and members of the Core management as Ex- Officio members.

Recruitment and Training committee

This is the committee responsible the human resource management policies and procedures. Its role is to enable the hospital management and staff to uphold transparent personnel development and promotion standards as determined by the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda, the hospital charter and human resources establishment and development plan in the manual of employment.

Hospital Management Team (HMT)

The HMT is the organ responsible for the day to day running of the hospital. The composition of the HMT is in accordance with the hospital charter. Its membership comprises the core management team(Medical superintendent, Administrator, Senior Nursing Officer and Head of Public Health). Other members are the Religious leaders, Heads of departments and community representatives.

The roles of the HMT are to prepare annual work plans for the hospital and Health Sub District, in accordance with ceilings of the BOG and District authorities and present them for approval.

The HMT is also responsible for implementing the policies set by the BOG, the Diocesian Health Board (DHB), the District Health Management Team (DHMT), Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).

The HMT holds regular meetings. This serves to share information and report on previously allocated tasks.This has helped to strengthen the communications to the departments and the Internal audit processes, which are carried out by the Heads of Departments. However, communication to external environment pass through the office of the Medical Superintendent. There is a communication policy document which guides such communication.

The hospital is linked to the District through the District Health Management Team and the Health Sub District Office through representation by the Medical Superintendent. These avenues help to link the hospital to the Ministry of Health.


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