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Strategic statements


To satisfy the health needs of the people through provision of quality health care services.


To cherish the healing ministry of Jesus by proclaiming the sacredness of life, through providing services which foster the health and wellbeing of people with special regard to the poor and less privileged.


 To provide a healing environment for the sick, their families and communities as inspired by the example of Jesus Christ and guided by the Catholic social and ethical teaching


  • Providing curative services to the patients of the established catchment area and those referred by other health units. 
  • Providing integrated health care services to the people of the established catchment area in accordance with the stated national and catholic health policies.
  • Securing the presence in the hospital of an Apostolic community to cater for the spiritual needs of the people within the hospital environment.
  • Ensuring that health services are financially accessible for the vulnarable and less previllaged.
  • Planning, budgeting and managing the services in a cost effective and sustainable manner
  • Collecting , compiling and analysing health data in a view of improving the effectiveness of health actions and efficiency of the hospital’s services provision and management
  • Providing an integrated, holistic services, which are acceptable, accessible, affordable and sustainable;
  • Respecting the dignity of each person; treating each one with compassion and justice;
  • Maintaining a high standard of professional competence, ethics, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Collaborating fully with the other health providers in matters of policies guiding provision  of promotive , preventive, curative and rehabilitative heath services to people.
  • Applying the principle of subsidiarity and equity in the process of providing health services.

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